Folded, Tagged and Ready to Go


I think I finally figured out how to fold and package these onesies for the shop in town. I am meeting with the woman on Friday to show her everything. If all goes well, I’ll post links to the shop for those of you local who might want to be in the know. A HUGE round of thanks goes to my friend Jenn who designed the tags and helped me brainstorm ways to fold and package.

I’ve only got the one whale, but I’ve got 3 more cut out. If I can get my act together this week, I’ll be able to send at least 4 whales and maybe 2 hippos. I’ve also got one burpcloth in process, but seriously doubt I’ll get that done by Friday! But who knows. (Crazy woman that I am signed up to teach at this crazy, crazy huge VBS in town so in the coming weeks I’ll be covered off with stuff for that…what was I thinking???)

Cross your fingers everything goes well and she likes what she sees!

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  1. I agree with the other Emily. These are fabulous! I know they will sell so quickly. I hope your fingers can hold up for the oncoming demand. Happy Memorial.

  2. I hope you see some good results for all your hard work. Next time I’m in Kville, I’ll have to go to the shop (and eat a cupcake too!).

    Everything looks great and very sell-able. Good job!

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