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First order of business is for you to check out this site! I absolutely love this woman‘s jewelry. I’ve desired a necklace with my kid’s names for a long time and never have I coveted one as much as one of these (hint hint if you are reading sweet hubbie!) Simple Mom is having a give-away of one of these so hop over there and enter away (or maybe don’t so that my chances are better…tee hee)

Second order of business is just to brag! There is a little shop opening up in our town that I contacted recently about having my onesies, burp cloths and stuffed things on consignment and (drum roll) they want my stuff! I’m hoping to meet up with them in the next week. I can’t believe it. If it all works out and they want it, then I’ll most likely close the Etsy shop and just list pictures of items for sale on the blog. Yippee. Here’s hoping that things will sell and that I’ll have a little extra moulah for fabric and other fun things. (or at the rate we are going lately…money for milk!)

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  1. You will have to email me and tell me where it is and the name of the shop. As you know I can’t stand it when I don’t have all the info! Congrats. That is awesome!!! I am so proud of you.

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