Kitchen Updates

I have to show off our newest kitchen updates. I am so excited!

First is our “new” sink. My parents recently upgraded to granite countertops and when I found out they were getting a new sink, I begged for theirs! I wish I had taken a before picture…we had a very simple stainless sink with a horrible faucet that wiggled and jiggled and drove me mad! My dad replaced our sink last week with their porcelain one and also put in a new disposal (that is SUPER quiet!)

Second are the lights. On our way back from vacation a few weekends ago, we stopped in Atlanta at Ikea (whoppee!) and we found these lights that are just perfect. Again, I wish I had taken a before picture. We had 2, 1970 flat and ugly light things up there and I hated them. Now we have these awesome track lights and this pendant (we will eventually replace the red bike hook I promise!) and all for $70!

I have to put a plug in for my honey though…he made the cabinet that the pendent hangs over! 🙂

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