Creating Spaces

I am a firm believer in creating special spaces in your home. I was crazy about this as a teacher too! This past weekend I went into crazy rearranging mode (thankfully it was our anniversary so hubbie couldn’t complain too much!) and as I was walking around the house today and saw all the new spaces that I’ve created lately and thought I would share some of my favorites.

This is my newest space and I just love it! Growing up, this desk was in my great aunt’s house and when she passed away my parents got it. When we moved into our house here and finally had the space for it, I asked my parents for it. It was in our dining room, but this weekend we moved it into our bedroom and it fits just perfect by this window. I want to get some pretty frames to hang above it with family photos. Here’s hoping that I’ll use this space and not just idealize it! I think everyone needs a special space like this to encourage you to write letters (I know…what is that anymore!) or just to study or read or think.

This little white table has been in just about every room in the house lately. I recently moved it back into the living room/sewing room/piano room/computer room. We started these letter people many, many months ago and I’m hoping to finish them this summer (expect a summer planning post soon!). My daughter actually uses this space more than my son, but I spend so much time in this room that we all are starting to use this space more. The bookcase has all of their coloring books, the box is filled with scrap paper and the bins have all sorts of other crafting things for four year old hands (not 17 month year old hands!) The cute little metal can is filled with pencils, crayons etc and is usually dumped out on the floor and not looking pretty on the table!

There are many times that my little girl “disappears” and most of the time I find her in here in her little reading nook. It is the most adorable thing to walk in her and see her little self all grown up looking “reading” a book.

This is the last little space I created this weekend. This is my old, 1974 vintage metal kitchen. I have wanted it forever, but honestly didn’t remember how big it was. It was actually in our kitchen, but looking at it daily was driving me nuts. I decided to exchange places with the bench that was our “mudroom” and make a little kitchen area for the kids to play in. So the bench is now sitting under our kitchen window, making a great little window seat (although I’m going to have to get busy and make a cushion soon!) and the kids can make a huge mess while I’m working in the kitchen and I can’t see it (until I turn to corner to set the table that is!)

So, there is a small tour of all our special spaces. Do you have any special spaces in your house to share?

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