A Fairy Wand, Lunchbag and Pajama Shorts

I’ve stared at the mess that is my sewing/craft area for days on end and decided I wouldn’t tackle anything until I finally got my shelves hung (things are stalled due to a malfunctioning planer), but obviously I wasn’t able to keep away.

The Fairy Wand

The Set

The Fairy Wand: The fairy wand is for an upcoming birthday girl to go with her twirly skirt. I’ve been wanting to try to make one of these for a while and they are totally simple. I really lucked out because I found this glittery, stiff felt at JoAnne’s that was perfect for this craft. I just tied some ribbon streamers, embroidered a little C and after a little hot glue…voila!

The Lunchbag

The Lunchbag: Our 11 year anniversary is this weekend and I saw this VW fabric months ago online and really wanted to get some to make something for my vintage VW obsessed husband. I never bought any and then it got really hard to find any at all online. Low and behold I make a trip to our local quilting shop and come face to face with it. I knew I had to get at least 1/2 a yard. He takes his lunch every day so I thought I would try my hand at a lunchbag. I bought some iron on vinyl and put it on the front and back of the fabric, then I used this pattern. It turned out much better than I had expected, but we’ll see if he actually uses it 🙂

PJ Shorts

The Pajama Pants: My dear Little Rooster often begs me to make something for him, as he sees me making so much for his sister and other people. While walking through JoAnne’s one day I found this firefighter fabric and thought that he would love it. Then and there I decided to get a couple other fabrics and do some PJ shorts for him. I used this pattern from McCalls and just shortened the pants. I’m hoping to get a robe done and some PJ pants for this winter.

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  1. I know I am supposed to look away but I couldn’t! CG will LOVE her purple skirt and princess wand. It is her FAVORITE color! You did an amazing job.
    Love the lunch bag! Is in insulated?
    HJ’s favorite thing to get from his talented Grandmas is pajama pants in themes he loves! I know the rooster will love it!

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