A Twirly Skirt



I finally finished a twirly skirt for a little friend’s birthday coming up soon. I probably shouldn’t post this because her mom reads this blog, but I was so proud of it I just couldn’t wait (so close your eyes you know who!)

I used this tutorial for the skirt and it really was super easy. The only thing I changed was that I top stitched. How in the world you could do this and stitch under it and make it look good is beyond me! The fabric is Alexander Henry’s Flappers and I can’t remember the stripes. I actually got it at our local quilting shop (which I dare hardly ever enter because it is SO awesome!!)

I’m pretty proud of it and hope this little soon to be 3 year old likes it too! I see many more twirly skirts in my sewing future!

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  1. love the twirly skirt, and you are right in thinking that a three year old will love this. sp will wear just about anything if I tell her she can twirl in it. and let me guess…. Gina’s? I cant go in that store unless I have cash in my pocket specifically for that place. Its to easy to get carried away!

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