A Twirly Skirt for Me



After I finished the little purple twirly skirt, I figured it was my turn. I’m slowly going down this stack of things to sew that piled up while my machine was in the shop. This is the simplest skirt in the world to sew. You can make it in under an hour, from cutting out the fabric to hemming. Technically you are supposed to let it hang for 24 hours since it is cut on the bias before hemming, but I’ve never done that (call me impatient!)


After I had it on and took some photos I noticed that there was a flaw in the fabric…a tiny little hole! I was so bummed out. I could have just patched it somehow from the back, but I decided to be creative and do a little applique. I think it turned out pretty good. I probably should have added maybe one more flower to the applique, but oh well!

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