Book Reviews: Anne Perry

Anne Perry is probably my most favorite author. She writes historical mystery books and has a couple of different series. Her most recent series has been about World War I. I just finished the last two books in the series and they were some of the best I’ve read this year for sure.

Basically the whole series is about the Reavely family and their attempts at trying to expose a man they have dubbed The Peacemaker. This man’s vision for peace involves selling out the English in order for German domination and what he calls “peace.” A type of socialism.

At Some Disputed Barricade continues the search for The Peacemaker, but the bigger story is behind the death of an ignorant commander who led many, many soldiers to slaughter because of his ignorance. Twelve men end up nearly giving up their lives because they couldn’t stand to see it happening.

We Shall Not Sleep is the final book and we finally find out who The Peacemaker is (yeah!) but it too has a bigger story. The big story in this book deals with forgiveness and finding peace within the horrors of what has happened over the coarse of the war. I think this section from the last chapter sums it all up best:

Great men use power as little as possible. It takes supreme humility to allow others to disagree and to make their own mistakes. The right to be wrong nis worth dying to protect, because without it all our virtues are empty. What we have not paid for slips through our fingers, because we do not value it enough to do what is necessary to keep it.

The first books in the series are Angels in the Gloom, Shoulder the Sky and No Graves as Yet. Even though these are written from an English perspective, they all really do make you realize and appreciate the cost for freedom.

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