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Emily at Remodeling This Life tagged me again with a different sort of request. There is something called a Budget Busters Challenge, where you have to list 5 things that cause you to break your budget. I must tell you that my husband and I are incredible budget makers. If you need a budget made, call on us because we can do it…if you want to keep it, don’t look at us! 🙂 We are doing much, much better than we ever had and the days of following a strict budget are getting closer and closer.

Until then, here is my list of 5:

1. Consignment Shops and/or Clearance Racks: There is really only one that I frequent and oftentimes I have money in my account there, but it is really, really hard for me to walk in there and not buy something. If I can find something on clearance or at a consignment shop for less than $5 it is really hard for me not to bring it home.

2. Driving: With gas around here at nearly $3.50 a gallon, I am really trying not to go places if I don’t really have to. With a daughter who hates the car that is easy on days when it is just her and I, but when my son is around it is hard to stay home (he is anything but a homebody!)

3. Fabric Shops: I do not go into a shop now unless I have cash in hand to buy something. It is virtually impossible for me to walk into a shop and not get snagged by some adorable fabric that I can buy just a yard of to make something from.

4. Earthfare: This is our local health food store and there is something that happens to you when you walk in this store. The smell, the appearance, the fact that everything in there is supposed to be really good for you…I don’t know. It is hard for me to walk in there and buy only what is on my list.

5. Target: need I say more??? Can anyone go into Target and only buy what is on their list? If so, you have more of a backbone than me!

I know I just tagged you guys for something else, but I thought this was a good challenge.

Christy at Nashvillians Now

Jennifer at jennydee

Dorothy at Sharing Your Oatmeal

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  1. Thanks for playing! LOL you’re great at making a budget and not sticking to it! 🙂 Honesty is refreshing! I love Target too. I was so proud to get out of there today with a new swimsuit and Tshirt for bug and some snacks and flower seeds for $15. I usually spend $60 no matter how hard I try not to!

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