Self-Control, Self Discipline and Motivation…

These are 3 things that are really lacking in my life right now. This is obvious as I sit here typing on my blog and surfing the net instead of doing the five million other things that I should be doing. (changing diapers, cleaning up the kitchen, laundry, sewing, cutting out patterns, embroidery, playing the piano, ironing etc etc). And the list is not all drudgery either; there are some fun things on that list too. But here I sit.

The problem with not working is that the only thing to spur me on is myself. I don’t have anyone saying I have to do this, or a clock telling me that class is about over. It’s just the pile of dishes in the sink or the stack of laundry waiting to be folded or the piles of fabric waiting to be ironed and cut out.

I am like Paul who says he does the things he doesn’t want to do and doesn’t do the things he should. I know what I need to be doing with my time, but so often I find myself sitting here on the computer because it is an easy way to escape from everything else. But then I find myself looking at things I shouldn’t (aka…houses, fabric, reading blogs forever and a day etc) and find I’ve wasted an hour of my life. Not really wasted, but yet wasted.

Emily at Remodeling This Life is away for a few days and is having some guest commentaries. The guest today talked about her lack of motivation. Everything she said resonates so true in my life. I am trying so hard to be more disciplined and motivated in my life. To exercise, to sew more, to design more, to create more, to spend more time with my kids…here’s hoping it starts today.

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the post! I passed it on to Alison. It definitely rang true for me too. So many things I want to do, yet so little discipline and motivation to do them. *sigh*

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