I’ve Got My Work Cut Out for Me…

I had a little fun this past Wednesday and had about 2 hours without children in the middle of the day. After a sweet lunch with my hubbie I ventured into JoAnns with a little bit of birthday money. I went a little crazy as you can see.

I bought some for me to make a skirt with and another shirt like my green Easter shirt. Then I found some cute fabric for Little Chick to try out with one of my Ottobre patterns. Then I really went nuts and decided that I would make some pajama shorts/pants for my Little Rooster (he gets so jealous because I’ve been sewing so much for little sis) this summer so I found some fabric for him.

So, today I decided to work on tracing and cutting out the Ottobre pattern. OH MY GOODNESS! People in Finland either have really good eyesight or something because that was the craziest thing I’ve seen in my life. Even my husband walked by and started laughing because it is the nuttiest thing ever! And apparently they have great sewing sense because for directions all you get is about 2 tiny paragraphs. Cross your fingers on this one and make a wish with me to the sewing fairies.

Oh, and did I mention that my sewing machine is in the shop for at least another week? Hmm…

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