Remembered by Tamera Alexander

This is book three in the Fountain Creek Chronicles series. It is the story of Jack Brennan and Veronique Girard and their timely meeting and of course you can figure out where things go from there.

Veronique lives in Paris when the book opens. She is somewhat of a servant in a Lady and Lord’s household and her father left for the U.S. when she was young promising to send for her. He never does and her mother’s last dying request was that Veronique travel to the U.S. to find him.

Jack Brennan spent many years after the death of his wife and son leading wagon trains to the new western territories. With the advent of the train, the need for wagon master’s dies out and he decides it’s time for a new job. They both meet up in Willow Springs and he ends up being the one that helps her search for her father. It is a love story, so you know there is a happy ending.

Overall, it was a good book. An easy read. I’m a sucker for series books anyway. I’ve recently started reading all these Inspirational romance novels (ack…can’t believe I’m admitting that!) so I wouldn’t say they are often the most challenging read, but in the middle of the afternoon when the house is quiet it’s nice to read a sweet feel good story! I can say it is helping me learn more about our nation’s history during the big westward movement though and thankful that I’m alive now and not then! Those people had it rough…but then again life was more simple.

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