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I absolutely love to read. The problem is that I read too quickly and read so many books one after the other that I don’t give myself enough time to process and I also can’t remember which books I’ve read and what I haven’t. I’ve kicked myself for years for not keeping a book journal, so I thought I would sort of start one on here. As I finish a book, I will post a little review and synopsis. Hope you find it enlightening.

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  1. Aimee, that is funny cause I am that way too…I will go to the library and see a book that looks interesting, take it home, start reading it, and realize I’ve read it before!! I usually read before bed, and have been reading christian fiction.

  2. hey amiee,
    I am really enjoying your blog, thanks for being so open and honest.
    I too love to read, right now I am reading a historical fiction about the Boleyn Sisters, ( I love queen Elizabeth). Its the first book I have read since having Ruby. I will let you know what I think. Also, I LOVE to sew too! I am so interested in the pattern magazine that you have. Tell me all about it. Are they hard patterns. Does each style fit all sizes, or are they size specific. (like could I make the same outfit in a 12 mo. and a 4t?) and where did you get the book?
    Hope to see you soon if we can make it to church on time someday!

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