So I took the kids to the zoo this morning and was so amazed at how obnoxious we people can be towards each other and even animals.

The first incident was when I asked a woman if I could borrow some of her sunscreen. I had done every part of my kids at home before we left, but realized when we got there I had forgotten to do Little Chick’s legs. So I passed a woman how had a little bottle quite obviously hanging from her keychain. So I asked her, could I please borrow just a tiny squirt of your sunscreen? She gives me this stare and then I know she was trying to figure out how she could possibly tell me “no.” Well, she did let me borrow it and I thanked her over and over  again and even tried to make some smalltalk with her. Nothing. Then later I passed her again and she had put up the keys. Ugg!

Then we went to see the gorillas. There was a big one sitting up by the big glass wall with his back turned. Awesome! Until this obnoxious man (as in grown up) starts banging on the wall. I mean banging on the wall, which in turns causes all of the 10 or so kids down there to start banging on the wall. And when the gorilla turns around to glare at them, they all just laugh….and keep banging on the wall. I was sick. What a disrespectful thing to do to a poor gorilla. We hightailed it out of there and had a little talk about respecting God’s creatures. Ugg!

Then, Little Rooster was playing in the water area and this little boy comes up to him and takes his hand down into the water and splashes my little guy ALL over! I look at the boy and say, “hey that was not very nice to do that. We don’t have any clothes to change into and we shouldn’t splash other people.” Do you know what he does to me? Laughs in my face! Where are his parents, not paying a lick of attention to him.

Anyway. I was so frustrated so I had to vent a little.

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  1. I am sorry you had a bad day. People are so rude – they do drive me crazy too.
    Thanks for the information about little rooster and the allergy shots. I am hopeing they work for my kids too. Thanks for the encouragment.

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