Why Today Was Different

I’ve posted before about our struggles with Little Rooster’s behavior. We’ve seen a dramatic change in his attitude and behavior since he started his new school and that has been so awesome! But, while the tantrums are subsiding, the attitude is creeping up. I felt like yesterday that all I did was argue and fuss. Every little thing was a battle and by the end of the day both my hubbie and I  were exhausted. I looked at him and just cried out: “I just want to have a day where I enjoy my son!” It kills me to write that, but I have to get it out!

But today has been so different and so much of it is me. I didn’t really do anything different today except BE with my son. That 10 minutes of playing around on the couch, that 5 minutes after a time-out talking through what happened and reassuring him of my love, that 5 minutes of sitting together in his room playing and talking and that 20 minutes of kicking balls around in the garage…that made the difference.

It also showed me how selfish I really am and what a “Martha” I am. All Jesus requested was that Martha sit at His feet and all Martha did was scurry around Him. That is what I do. I scurry around my family all day and never really are with them. Today reminds me that I need to pray for more and more of Mary’s attitude. That I would sit at the feet of Jesus daily and just be with my family.

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  1. oh so ture. I feel like all I do is fuss at the oldest and you are right – I need to slow down and spend time with him. Thanks you

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