Being a blog reader has introduced me to so many different things I had no idea about. One of the biggest things has been my introduction to some education styles/methods that I really didn’t know much about (even after many years of university and teaching!) I’ve learned a bunch about Montessori and been introduced to Waldorf. While I’m not sure that either of our kids will end up in anything other than traditional education, one of the things about Waldorf that I do love is the open-ended, imaginary play. I get a handful of toy catalogs now that really put anything that the big name toys makers produce to shame. (I added some of them to my links)

All that to say, I’ve loved playsilks and the idea of them for a while, but would never buy any because they tend to be way to expensive. Both of mine love to dress up and even the baby is getting into the act of pretend play. The Artful Parent posted a how-to about dyeing your own playsilks. Apparently you can buy them very cheaply and then use Kool-Aid to dye them. Check it out, it’s pretty cool (and kind of scary if you are a Kool-Aid drinker!)

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