Lately I have really been thinking about smiling. I was standing in the kitchen the other day catching up on the day with my sweet hubbie and realized that I had not smiled in a long time that day (it had been a very long and hard kid day). But the realization that even those muscles in my face had been frowning so much that it took effort to smile! I was so disheartened by that. So since that day, I’ve really been trying to be conscience about smiling. I am not one of those people that walks around with a light heart and smiling all the time. I could blame my parents (they are no different) and even my brother is this way too…we all tend to be too withdrawn and serious. I like being a “thinker” but I have never liked this aspect of my personality. I want to be a light-hearted person who is outwardly joyful.

So here I am, typing this blog entry, and smiling just for you! (and partly because it is nap time and for at least the next 30 minutes I can sit on the couch, drink my tea and read this awesome book!)

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