One of the blogs I read daily, Remodeling This Life, has been talking about simplifying/decluttering her kitchen…something I really need to do and it has really inspired me to get on the ball with fixing up our kitchen (if only I had some moulah to buy the things I’d love to buy for it!)

I was looking in the most recent Better Homes and Gardens and there was the most amazing pantry. We are blessed with an awesome pantry space and it is on my to do list to paint and redo once we get the laundry room done (among a million other rooms). Here are some pictures of the pantry (I tried to scan them, but my scanner wouldn’t initialize. So, sorry for the lousy shots)



You can’t see it in this picture, but they have put little labels on each shelf organizing the contents. I love all the wire shelves and the bread hanger (although I don’t keep that much bread in our pantry).


I absolutely love the wire mesh baskets and the little tags. They have filled them each with frequent meals that you make and the contents you need to make them…I thought that was a great idea! I also am a sucker for any kind of bin or canister for organizing. I wish that I could find a bunch of these containers to put all my flour and rice and pasta in. It looks so much more pleasing than just a bunch of bags and boxes.

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  1. OOOOh! I love that pantry. It looks like mine in size and shape. That totally inspires me to want to organize mine. Now, the big thing is will I actually do it?

  2. Seeing that pantry and knowing how big yours is makes me wish I had a larger one. It’s like an itty bitty closet! That should motivate me all the more to organize it!

  3. LOVE that pantry!! Here I am updating my blogroll and making sure the links all work and realized I never added your blog to my reader so I have missed all this stuff lately. I am so embarrassed. Off to catch up on everything I missed by being a doofus.

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