10 Ingredients for an Awesome 24 Hours

1. Your best friend

2. A cool mountain town

3. Lots of great shopping

4. A Mexican-Caribbean restaurant (and a yummy drink!)

5. A cappuccino, chocolate chip cookie and baklava in a very cool coffee shop

6. Doing a little embroidery with a kindred spirit

7. Sleeping in with no kids to wake us up in the morning

8. More shopping

9. A yummy lunch in a dainty tea shop/cafe

10. Spending time with a friend who knows me like none other

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  1. Yay!! I had a great time, Aimee!

    Looks like we both made it through the stormy weather. It was really nasty on the way down the mountain. I hope you had an excellent Sunday.

    Too bad I didn’t keep the lipstick! hee hee

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