Being OK with Who You Are…

So this post has been buzzing around my head for the last 24 hours. Sleep has been to a minimum here as the little chick in our house has decided to be really, really fussy (we won’t talk about the little rooster either…he hasn’t taken a much needed nap for at least 4 days). I had 15 minutes yesterday to peruse the blogworld and I walked away so…I don’t even know the word.

I absolutely LOVE reading all the blogs and reading about people’s lives and kids from all over the world. I love seeing where they live and seeing a day in their lives. But what is hard, is not being jealous or frustrated over how their lives appear compared to mine. It’s hard to let go of that “the grass is greener” mentality.

My ultimate struggle is with schooling options. My little rooster guy LOVES preschool, he is not a homebody and really turns into a terror if he spends too much time at home. He responds academically so much better to others, than to us, and he is just a little social bug. I know all this. I have known for years that my crazy desire (and where this comes from I don’t know) to homeschool would never work for him; yet I read all these blogs and then feel so guilty because I can’t do what they’re doing.

It all goes back to being ok with who I am and cherishing my kids for who they are. Both of mine are coming into new stages in life and their personalities are really coming out and being developed. I’ve written before about my desire for control and the whisper of the Lord telling me to “let go” and just let things be. I know that the daily struggles are much less when I focus on the things about our day that are awesome, than on the things that aren’t.

On another note (and yet another thing to be jealous of!) I saw this post today on The Artful Parent and I am so jealous of her studio (and the fact that her kids like to do art…the little chick is still a bit small and the rooster won’t hold a crayon/marker/paintbrush etc for more than 4 minutes). Can you tell I’m all about the shelves and the storage containers? My birthday wish is to get that little studio corner set up in our house…here’s hoping it gets done!

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  1. hey there, just traveled to your blog from your link on artful parent and sense a kindred spirit in you. what you’re feeling is partly why i’m taking a break from blog-writing and why i’m trying to limit my blog reading. it really is overwhelming to see “a day in the life” of really ordinary people doing really extraordinary things. i’m certainly not suggesting you to take a break! just saying i can empathize.

    love your etsy shop btw. my husband just started one as well. it’s a great world over there, that etsy!

    and i bought sacred rhythms by barton a few mths back and haven’t yet started it; what do you think??? another friend has recommended the allender bk- what do you think of that one?

    take care and may God bless you with His nearness today!!

  2. I just saw your comment on Artful Parent and I also happened to post something along the same lines on my blog. I struggle with the desire to peek into others’ worlds for inspiration (in addition to support, laughter, connection and other reasons!) and at times come away wondering why I am not doing more (when what I am really seeking is simplicity!). But I always end up reminding myself that everyone has bad days, everyone has something they struggle with, or messy closets and chocolate cravings. I try to keep a balance in what I write and read in blogland…as with most things easier said than done. You are not alone in the quest to be “ok with who you are”.

  3. I have found that I have been spending way too much time looking at blogs and the forums on If I am always on these threads on the forums (and it is really addicting), then how can I ever get anything useful done? I wonder also how anyone else can make anything when they are always posting!

    I also find that I am checking in with my blog to see if anyone has left comments on my corner of life (ie. am I special or important?). I also go to the forums to see how many threads I’ve killed, then start to wonder why? what’s wrong with me? Can people really see what kind of person I really am?!

    This computer age is really wonderful for compounding insecurities at a faster-than-light rate. Aimee, maybe you and I should start being accountable to each other to limit *our* computer use! hee hee.

    I fear that if anything is becoming more of a god to me than our Lord, it is the desire to be accepted through the venue of the internet.

  4. Hello! I came across your blog through the Artful Parent. I know what you all mean about 1) doing more than viewing and 2) wanting to homeschool but it isn’t always a viable option.

    I’ve made a promise to do at least one internet inspired activity a week. Sometimes I get ambitious to do more, other times it’s hectic. But if I see something interesting and replicate it at home, it kind of justifies my viewing time.

    To help with the homeschooling wanna be end of things, even though I don’t homeschool full time, I do what I can when they are not in school. I don’t necessarily sit and make my kindergartner do worksheets, but I’ll give her a bunch of coins and talk about their values, have her count by 2s, 5s and 10s. Since they are doing this type of stuff in school, it reinforces what they learn.

    I’ve also used my blog to list the goals I have. Since I keep checking my blog daily, I know where I can find my list to help keep me on task.

    One other thing, don’t worry about your preschool boy – most boys I know that age don’t like to sit peacefully for long working on an art project. Maybe you can tape a large piece of paper on the wall and let him write on it whenever he feels like it for as long or as little as he likes. Over time he’ll have created a piece of art.

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