I’ve mentioned before that we don’t really “do” Easter baskets. We’ve never really talked about the Easter bunny and all that, but we do have a few traditions that we have started.


I’ve posted the picture of our tomb, which we create the week of Ash Wednesday. This week, we will start doing one of these eggs and will open one each night leading up to Easter Sunday. They seem kind of hokie at first glimpse, but we started them last year with our little guy and he loved them! By the time Easter Sunday rolled in, he could tell you what was in each egg and what it stood for. For him, it is a great way to talk about the amazing story of Easter.

Our church has a Maundy Thursday service where we have a Passover meal as a church and that is really exciting.


And instead of a basket of candy and toys (which both will get from their grandparents) we give them books. This year I think we are going to do one little toy for both of them though. I’ve been eyeing this shopping cart at Target for months now and both of ours love to play with the kitchen so much, I just thought this would be a fun way to give them their books this year. So, I’m hoping to be able to buy the cart and fill it up with some books for the kids to have on Easter Sunday. Here’s a few of the books I’ve got my eye on (and some others that we’ve bought in the past).


Lest you think that I’m completely anti-bunny (which I’m SOO not!) here is my favorite bunny story. My parents got this for our little guy a few years ago and actually met the author and had her sign the book. It is the most beautiful book I’ve seen in a long time. The front and back pages are papercuttings that she did and her illustrations are just amazing! The story’s not so bad either! 🙂

If I get my act together, our last Easter tradition is to have Hot Cross Buns. Have you ever read the story behind these yummy treats? This is not the recipe I use, I’ll have to post it when I dig it out of the recipe files!

With money tight, a big girl’s weekend coming up (more on that next week) and just a week or so until Easter, who knows how much of this will be accomplished!

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas, Aimee. I think I will go and get some of the Resurrection Eggs today.

    Even though Ezra can tell you the Easter story and the reason why Christ had to die for us, he is so stuck on the idea of candy and toys. I wanted to make a rock tomb, but didn’t get to do that this year. No candy from us, I think. At church he gets at least two or three pieces each Sunday! It irritates me. Anyway, back to Easter…

    Books are a good idea (love the shopping cart too). I’ve got so much going on during the weekends in March that we won’t be able to attend the church’s Easter events for kids.

    Thanks again for the inspiration. Easter is truly an amazing time of year and God gives us glimpses of His grace in the flowers that are coming up too.

  2. The books:
    Big Truths for Little Kids and the ABC Bible verses are wonderful books! HJ LOVES them and they have such good lessons to go along with the verses. I highly recommend them!

    We have both the God’s Wisdom for girls and boys books and they don’t get as much use as both kids get bored half way thru them. There is not enough action or something for HJ.

    I love the eggs and may try to find some here!

    We made the tomb but just a couple days ago and I think my seeds may have froze to death over the weekend.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. just get some pansies to put in there. it will look pretty! we did that the first year. our grass is just now starting to peek up, we’ll see if we get any good grass this year as the weather has been so topsy-turvey.


  4. I found a nice Easter book this year at Barnes & Noble called, The First Easter: The story of why we celerate Easter, by Carol Heyer. It has beautiful illustrations and it tells the whole Easter story with just the right amount of words.

    We like Hopalong Jack too. My parents gave it to us as well after meeting the author. The artwork is so detailed and fun for children.

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