Co-Housing…Would you do it?

One of the blogs I read often is called GreenStyle Mom and she lives in a co-housing community in Colorado. I had never heard of such a thing before. I guess my dear hubbie had actually read about it once in the bookstore and I had kind of just blown him off (sorry honey!) but when I started looking at the co-housing website and other things, it really kind of struck me.  GreenStyle Mom just posted a link to some introductory videos about co-housing communities and it really does make you think that might be something our little town is ready for….would you do it?

What is interesting is that most of these communities are not “religious” necessarily. Most seem to have the same view of religion that our society has (what ever works for you, just don’t push it on me) so it would be neat to start a community that strives for true community…through fellowship with one another, but also through worship and through serving with an eye toward Christ.

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  1. I have actually looked at communities who do this. There’s one in Asheville (imagine that!). I can’t remember if I looked it up after originally talking to you or what.

    I think it’s an interesting concept, like an updated commune. Meals are eaten together, there’s a community veg garden, etc. Neighbors actually know each other! I could do this.

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