Little Red Riding Hood





The sewing fairies were not on my side with this little shirt. I would, at least once, love to make a garment that goes together perfectly, where the seams match up to a tee and I don’t have to use that darn seam ripper once! Not so with this little shirt. At least the fabric is adorable and it looks really cute on…at least you can’t see the 101 flaws unless you look up close.

The fabric is from Superbuzzy and the pattern is Simplicity 4203 (easy to sew…ha ha!)

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  1. I love it! It looks perfect to me. That is my one of my favorite styles of dresses and shirts for CG! They are so sweet and simple but very girly! I love that they look just as cute with a long sleeve T under it too! (I have two dresses in this style and one shirt and she has been wearing them all winter!) Your baby girl looks adorable in it!

  2. They are both precious! Flaws, what flaws?!

    You did a great job (as always). The color is super on her too.

  3. So perfect and she’s adorable!!

    I had no idea you have a blog!!! Whenever you comment on my site, I can’t click your name. Anyway, imagine my surprise to find your website today! I actually kinda jumped a little in my chair 🙂

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