Did You See This?


I tried and tried to find a video of this from last Sunday, but all I can find is the commercial. We have been going to church in the evenings and L has been staying after for a new men’s group. By the time I get home and get both kid’s in bed all I want to do is go to bed, but this past Sunday I turned on the tube and got sucked in for hours! It all started with Extreme Makeover (which is kind of wearing me out lately) and then Oprah’s new show came on and you know how Oprah just sucks everyone in and then this show came on: Here Comes the Newlyweds. I honestly have not laughed so hard since the Hawaiaan Chair on Ellen. It’s kind of like Surviver for newly married couples and the newlywed show from the 60s all rolled into one. Totally funny. I will tell you that my absolute favorite couple is Crystal and Johnnie Moutra. They are so, so, so funny. He had some awesome lines on the show that just cracked me up (which is hard to do when it is past 10:00pm and I should be fast asleep!)

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