On the Road to Financial Peace


It has been a crazy year for us financially. Obviously the decision to quit my job and stay home with baby2 was a very scary decision. Depending on one income, that didn’t even cover our bills at the time was one of the biggest steps of faith we’ve ever taken. But the knowledge of spending more than half my teaching salary on daycare and gas for 2 kids was just not worth the stress.

In the past year we have sold a car, been a one car family for nearly 6 months and then amazingly graced with the gift of a second car. Hubbie has gotten small raises and those things alone have helped us out tremendously. God is good, and despite our tight finances, we’ve not gone deeper in debt this year. The Lord has managed to provide what we needed when we needed it and it has been so awesome to experience.

This year seems to be the biggest turning point for us. With our amazing tax return (helps to not make any money and have a ton of doctor bills!) and the rebate coming later, we should be able to pay off all our credit card debt. And it also seems that we should be able to pay off our remaining car loan by the summer of 2009. It all still seems so unreachable and far away, but we’ve thought for so long that it would never happen at all. All of that happening with me still being able to stay at home with our children.

The financial stress is still there and will be there for the next little while. But the place that God has brought us as a couple is amazing. I am so thankful for all we’ve gone through and struggled with. It has brought me to a place of simplicity, contentment (most of the time) and just given me an ability to really think and pray over every way we use our finances, which I never had before.

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