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I’m finding the more I read (online and off) the more overwhelmed I become with what I feed our family, what we play with and what I put their food on. There is this major thing going on now about BPA and plastics. I’ve really tried to not be too concerned with it all because I knew the more I read the more freaked out I would get.

I got this way when I started stressing out about organic food and then I found myself in this horrible funk after I got home from the grocery store because it was so stressful (trying to plan a menu and feed our family on our little paycheck is hard enough w/o freaking out more because I’m trying to buy organic! Impossible!)

But this BPA thing is starting to get to me. I’ve really jumped on the no toys made in China bandwagon, partly because of the whole lead paint thing, but also because generally the toys that come out of China involve no child-led imagination play. And now I can add that many of these toy companies use BPA tainted plastic.

All of this rambling to say that I found this really good chart today from teensygreen‘s blog and it was the most helpful thing I’ve seen yet. She explains all about the dangers of BPA and then links you to this site that has lots of other helpful information.

We’ll be buying new sippy cups soon!

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  1. I also got really freaked out and ended up buying new sippy cups. Well they aren’t actually sippy cups more like water bottles. Here are two amazing articles on sippy cups and such!

    We ended up going with the Siggs. For the most part I like them but I miss the spill proof of the regular sippy cup. I am constantly having to remind the kids (mainly Callie) to keep them up right. I also miss having them be dishwasher safe. I have to handwash them. It is not too bad though b/c I hand wash the pots and pans so I am already doing dishes. I have also tried the Nuby and like it okay. I don’t like how the kids can chew on the top.

    This lady also has articles on unbreakable BPA free plates and utensils. We said good bye to all of our fun cute kids plates too. Callie was very sad to see the princess plate go!

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