A Little Cooking Post

I have gotten into a fairly consistent routine of planning our monthly menu and wanted to share some goodies with all my loyal readers (ha ha!).

Here is the sheet I use for menu planning. It works really well for me. I usually dig through pages and pages of recipes and pick out about 15 for the month. I usually try to balance ground turkey with chicken dinners and I am trying my hardest to make more fish.

We also have a few recipes that we eat every month. I finally got my act together and created this sheet to just have with my recipes; instead of having to pull out all the different recipe sheets each month or day.

In addition to monthly menu planning, we have a few set meals in our week. Friday is always pizza night and the pizza dough recipe is awesome! It always turns out perfect and makes enough for 2 pizzas. I usually freeze the other dough so that I’m only having to make the dough twice a month. Sunday morning we always have fresh biscuits. I searched and searched for an easy biscuit recipe and finally found this one about a year ago. It is super easy and quick and the biscuits are rolled, cut and ready for the oven in less than 10 minutes. Sunday night we always have breakfast for dinner. We eat up the leftover biscuits from the morning and I usually either poach or scramble eggs and sometimes we even splurge (our wallets and waists!) on bacon.

What do you all use to help plan for your month of groceries?

Do you have any special traditions throughout the week or month?

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  1. We have pizza every Friday but other than that it is whatever I feel like making for the week. I try and pull 3 recipes to make each week before I go to the store. 3 complete meals a week works for us b/c we eat leftovers for dinner and usually do a sandwich dinner one night or just go out once a week.

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