Feeling Ignorant


I’ve had two experiences in the last week that have made me feel so ignorant about politics. The first, obviously, was going to vote on Super Tuesday. As I stood there having to make choices about people to vote for, I realized that I didn’t really know any of them. Even though I had done a little research the night before, I was pretty clueless.  As I walked out explaining to my little guy what those people were doing out front with signs, I realized that I really need to be more up on what is going on…especially during this year as we vote for a president.

The second was listening to a lady yesterday at a baby shower go on about things that are going before Congress. She was so informed and passionate about her cause and wanted so badly to get the message out. While I think she is a little extreme in her fears, I also was a little jealous that she was so informed.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people; informed and knowledgeable. Not just about politics, but even about my faith. I’ve always been so stumped when people ask me certain questions about why I go to church where I do, or why I believe in Jesus. I just get so tongue tied and feel so ignorant.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Ignorant

  1. Thanks for the link Christy, I’ll have to check that out. It’s amazing how involved everyone is getting in our upcoming Presidential race. I think it’s great. While I dislike talking “politics”, I do have opinions about how our country should take care of things and its people.

    Up until this race, though, I had not been motivated to do much research. This is a neat site that has a quiz to help you see who you pair up with the best.


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