I have been tagged by my dear friend Christy and now have to share 7 things people don’t know about me. Hmm.

1. If I could do anything for a job, I would love to be a writer. I think this is why I love blogging so much. It is an outlet for writing and makes me feel like a write even though I will never be. I’ve had book ideas brewing in my head since I was really young. I have pages of poetry and book dreaming stashed away from when I was at least 8.

2. I love bookstores and libraries. If I could sit anywhere for hours and hours on end, it would be in a bookstore. There is nothing in this world that I love more (well more than my family or God of course) than being surrounded by books.

3. I also love music. I love the symphony, ballet and all that. I love to lay down and just close my eyes and listen to music. Music has an incredible effect on me. I can listen to a song and just be taken away into another place. Itunes was the best invention for me. I can stay on Itunes searching for music for way too long. Unfortunately it tends to be a little dangerous because while 99 cents a song seems like a bargain, 30 minutes later it can be a little deadly on the budget.

4. I would love to be an outdoorsy, campy, mother earth loving, green woman. But that will never happen to the extent that I would like it too. I’ll never be able to camp more than a night w/o a shower or toilet, I’ll never be a totally “green” person (with renewable energy sources and all that) and a 100% organic buyer. I was especially crazy like this when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very serious about having her at a birthing center with midwives (aka no drugs) and was going to do cloth diapers and the whole gamut. Sad to say it didn’t happen.

5. My husband and I are big dreamers and that gets us into trouble. We both tend to get fixated on ideas and go crazy with them. Our latest is starting a co-housing community in our area. Check out www.cohousing.org and see how crazy we are.

6. I am not a night person. I hate to stay up late and I love my bed. Although, my husband would declare I am not a morning person either. I say that I love the morning, but I prefer to be alone in the morning or at least quiet.  I love to sit in my big blue chair with a cup of coffee in the morning and read.

7. I want to learn how to weave. Once upon a time we were actually looking at buying me a small loom. Now, with 2 kids around the house that will probably not be a hobby started for while!

Now I get to tag someone else. I tag my best friend Jennifer. Tag, your it.

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