Oh, the Joys of T.V.

I’ve taken a break from most everything this week (reading, sewing etc) during that “sacred hour” and I’ve caught up on watching the Ellen show and even got to see a little of Oprah the other day (normally we are watching Arthur at that time). Two things I saw this week blew me away. One made me laugh hysterically and the other just made me stare at the t.v. quite quizzically (how did she do that? why in the heck would you do that?)

The first was this woman who was on Oprah. She has the record for the smallest waist. Why anyone would do this is beyond me. Even Oprah was stumped with something to say. Her waist is the size of a bagel!!!


The other is this chair that was on Ellen. I’ve never seen anything like it and it was honestly the funniest thing I’ve seen lately! Have a great laugh and a great weekend!

The crazy Hawaiian Chair

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  1. Okay,
    Thank you for a wonderful abs workout, I was laughing so hard! Is that chair for real? Was that just one of those fake, comic infomercials? I about peed in my pants!

    And the lady on Oprah is pretty gross! What in the world?
    The Ellen video is great! I am passing that on to KJ

  2. That Hawaiian chair showed up in our forums this week too (for work). It was sooooo hilarious. I cannot believe that the chair (or the lady) is real.

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