Hard Thoughts

It’s been one crazy morning and before I started sewing, I had to do some journaling.

Earlier this week I was folding my kid’s laundry and as I stood there folding all these cute clothes I was just overcome with joy that I am able to stay home, that I have kids to do laundry for and I was thinking how I really need to keep this attitude all the time (doesn’t Paul admonish us to do this?? do everything w/o complaining but consider it pure joy…something along those lines). But as life does, the next day I stared at another pile (actually it was 3 loads) of laundry to fold and I honestly didn’t have that same outlook. I hate that!

And then this morning, we were blocked into our driveway by an unmarked police or FBI car. I soon found out that our neighbor’s son was being searched for. This is a man whom we’ve had many conversations with over the years we’ve lived here. We love his mom and she is so sweet to our kids; he is so sweet to our kids. I told the officer that, and his response was “they always are!” So I’m faced with the dilemma of loving both of them despite what is going on (hate the sin, love the sinner thing) and that is so hard because I feel like we’ve been lied to about him and his problems. Once again, I feel admonished to love my neighbors despite what is going on. That is so hard!

God is surely teaching me something about love and joy.

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  1. Wow! What did the guy do? One way to look at it is from the mother’s point of view. Her son is still her son, regardless of any depravity that may be present. But I can understand the feeling of betrayal, for sure.

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