I have written here in the past about our struggles with our little guy and school and behavior and all that. I felt that it was time for an update. He has been going to his new school for the past month and honestly I have seen the biggest difference. It is such a positive atmosphere (180 degrees from his old school) and that truly has made an impact. I think cutting down on the number of days he is at school (he only goes 2 days now instead of 5 mornings) and being at home more has also made a big difference. Overall, his whole attitude is different and while we are still struggling with tantrums and such, they have become fewer and quicker. We constantly have to remind ourselves that he is only 4!

On another note, we have officially decided to hold him out of Kindergarten one year and start him when he is nearly 6. The blessing of this new school is that they have a 5 year old class that is a kindergarten transition/readiness and had we not gotten in this spring, it is highly unlikely he would be able to get in this class for the Fall.

God does provide what we need for sure!

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  1. Wow, what a blessing about the pre-K 5 yr old class! It is amazing how God provides even while we are so blind to what He wants for us. Glad to know the school is working out.

    With Ezra in only 4 days, we’ve enjoyed the extra time with him, even though we haven’t done anything special yet. He’s also been spending the night at my mom and dad’s on Sunday nights, which is awesome!!!!!! He comes home with an adjusted outlook and I appreciate him more too.

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