The Sacred Hour

2:00-3:00 is the sacred hour in our house, especially during the week when DH is working and I’m here alone. It is the hour that both kids are for sure asleep in their rooms and I know that I have a few moments alone. It is the hour that I have to make a choice…

This is what I want to do:

This is what I need to do

Which do you think actually happens?

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  1. That is the choice (or there abouts), I have to make too. It is hard! Except I had to give up the tea since I have braces and don’t want to stain them! Have you started any of the books I lent you?

  2. Naptime?! Oh that sounds wonderful…I think I would be napping as well if I could.

    Enjoy that hour the best way you can. Maybe you could do the elliptical while reading?! And maybe have the tea in a water bottle. hee hee.

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